performance featuring video projection and live sound.

Live set in Providence, RI – April 16th 2017:


Mariassunta performance at Dusk, Providence RI

Instrumentation includes guitar, field recordings, and an electronic organ manufactured in the Marche region of Italy where my family is from. My great-grandmother and her cousin Maria Goretti were born there. Maria was later canonized as the patron saint of rape victims. Video projection includes footage from the 1949 film “Cielo Sulla Palude” (“Heaven Over the Marshes”) based on Maria’s life, which I’ve combined with original imagery of my menstrual blood through a microscope.

The name Mariassunta has two meanings:
1. Maria (Saint Maria Goretti) + Assunta (Maria’s mother)
2. Mari (the Italian word for ocean – a recurring theme in the piece) + Assunta (the Italian word for assumption – the virgin’s ascent into heaven)